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Bringing Your Body Back to Optimal Health

Meet Andrea

Nutrition has been important to me since  my teenage years but it became a major part of my life about 15 years ago. Always an athlete, in 2008 I started weight/strength training. In 2010 I started volunteering with the Ontario Physique Association and in 2011 I decided to begin competing as a bodybuilder. I competed at the provincial level and placed, but soon afterwards I realized that being healthy is so much more than working out 6x/week and being on a strict diet!

This caused me to look deeper into the definition of health and boy, was I ever surprised and shocked by the information I uncovered. A year later, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, forcing me deeper into health -- disease prevention and cause.

Fast forward 10 years and I have since gotten married, gave birth naturally to three amazing children and left my long time career in marketing to seek a new career where my passion lies -- in holistic health.


I am: 

  • a Certified Live Cell Microscopist

  • a Certified Natural Health Consultant

  • Certified to practice Muscle Testing Level I & Advanced

  • Holistic Nutrition and Health Focused


I am very  excited to help people feel better and more confident about their health! I look forward to helping you bring your body back to optimal health.

There are many modalities that can help you on your healing journey. I am thrilled to offer services that can provide my clients with a great deal of information that will help them take the appropriate steps back to optimal wellness. 
Enjoy tasty and healthy recipes, DIY Tips & Tricks and valuable information on overall wellness!
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